Juvenile Corrections

What Library of Congress subject headings are assigned to works on the criminal justice sub-discipline of corrections in general and to works on juvenile corrections in particular?

As one of the largest and most important sub-disciplines of criminal justice, the discipline of corrections addresses all aspects of how society deals with persons who have been convicted of criminal offenses.

The literature of corrections is primarily practical in nature, although research and theory is often addressed as well.

For general works in this dynamic field, the Library of Congress most often applies the subject heading Corrections, which may be subdivided geographically.

Among the most useful non-geographic subdivisions of Corrections, all of which may be subdivided geographically except the subdivision Administration, are:

  • Corrections – Accreditation
  • Corrections – Contracting out
  • Corrections – Administration
  • Corrections – Research
  • Corrections – Standards
  • Corrections – Study and teaching

Some of the most relevant broader, narrower and related headings under Corrections, each of which may be subdivided geographically, are:

  • Community-based corrections
  • Correctional institutions
  • Correctional law
  • Correctional personnel
  • Correctional psychology
  • Criminals – Rehabilitation
  • Interviewing in corrections
  • Punishment
  • Punishment in crime deterrence
  • Volunteer workers in corrections
  • Women correctional personnel

Note that Correctional law is used instead of “Corrections – Law and legislation.” One of the most important subfields of corrections addresses how society deals with juveniles who break the law.

The subject headings most often used for general works in this subfield are Juvenile corrections and Juvenile delinquents, both of which may be subdivided geographically.

Additional headings relevant to this subcategory, each of which may be subdivided geographically, include:

  • Church work with juvenile delinquents
  • Church work with female juvenile delinquents
  • Female juvenile delinquents
  • Juvenile corrections – Contracting out
  • Juvenile delinquency
  • Juvenile delinquents – Rehabilitation
  • Juvenile detention
  • Juvenile detention homes
  • Juvenile parole
  • Juvenile probation
  • Male juvenile delinquents
  • Status offenders

It is important to note that Juvenile delinquents is used instead of “juvenile offenders,” and Juvenile detention homes is used for all types of juvenile detention facilities.

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