Reviews of Indexing, Abstracting and Database Services

One of the charges of the Bibliography Committee of ANSS is to review abstracts and indexes in all formats to determine their value to the anthropology and sociology community. These reviews have been published in ANSS Currents (copyright held by American Library Association). Some of the reviews published are reproduced here. See also the Guidelines for Analyzing Bibliographic Resources for ANSS Currents.

Latin American Resources: Overview of Databases used in Latin American Research – Reviewed Fall 2013

ScienceDirect for Sociology and Anthropology Research – Reviewed Fall 2013

Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis (EVIA) Digital Archive – Reviewed Spring 2013

SAGE Research Methods – Reviewed Spring 2013

Native American Resources: Bibliography of Native North Americans and Native American Archives – Reviewed Fall 2012

Social Theory Reviewed Spring 2012

Sociological Abstracts Becomes a CSA/ProQuest Database – Reviewed Fall 2011

The Place of Anthropology Plus in the Age of Google Scholar – Reviewed Spring 2011

Alexander Street Press: Ethnographic Video OnlineReviewed Fall 2010

The Place of Anthropology Plus in the Age of Google Scholar – Reviewed Spring 2010

Annual Reviews – Reviewed Fall 2009

iPOLL Databank –  Reviewed Spring 2009

Sage Journals Online – Reviewed Fall 2008

AnthroSource – Reviewed Spring 2008

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography – Reviewed Fall 2007

Alt-Press Watch – Reviewed Spring 2007

Historical Reviews (4+ years old)


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