Iron Age

What subject headings are used for works on Iron Age archaeological sites?

Library of Congress Subject Headings provides a number of terms for materials that are concerned with Iron Age peoples and/or antiquities.

The most obvious one is Iron age. This subject heading may be subdivided geographically for works concerning the Iron age of a particular place.

There are also a number of more-specific, narrower terms available. Of these the three most common are: Hallstatt period, Jastorf culture and La Tene period. All of these can also be subdivided geographically.

Also, a number of specific cultures have been established. These all can be subdivided geographically but they are usually subdivided by a city, since the cultures are frequently specific to only one country or even just an area of a single country. The established cultures are:

  • Cherniakhiv culture
  • Hunsruck-Eifel culture
  • Koban culture
  • Oksywie culture
  • Pazyryk culture
  • Przeworsk culture
  • Sargat culture
  • Villanovan culture
  • Wielbark culture
  • Zarubyntsi culture

“New” cultures can be established as books are written on them. If you know of a culture that should be established please email the current Co-Chair of the ANSS Subject and Bibliographic Access Committee, Isabel Quintana at:

Finally, some related terms that can be helpful as well are:

  • Metal-work, Prehistoric (subdivided by place)
  • Iron (subdivided by place) – Metallurgy – History
  • Metallurgy in archaeology (subdivided by place)
  • Iron age (Mythology)

Please note that this last heading is not about archaeology or antiquities. It is for materials that are on how the Iron Age is depicted in Classical mythology.

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