Racially Mixed Groups

How does one locate materials on racially mixed groups who see themselves (or others see them) as a distinct racial group?
There is a subject heading: Racially mixed people. This subject heading subdivides geographically, so this subject heading can be used to designate racially mixed people of different places. The cross-references on this subject heading are: Bi-racial people, Biracial people, Mixed race people, Mulattoes [Former Heading], Multiracial people, and Peoples of mixed descent. So if the Library of Congress Subject Headings thesaurus is available to your patrons, any of these cross-references will lead them to the correct term: Racially mixed people.
Some racially mixed people are also established individually. Examples include: Melungeons, Caboclos (Brazilian people), Ramapo Mountain people. There are others as well. If an individual group is not established yet, it is probably because the Library of Congress has not yet received a book on those people.
NOTE: If you have a book on a group that has not been established, and you would like a subject heading for this group added to the Library of Congress Subject Headings, please fill out the form on the ANSS Web site and we will submit the subject proposal to the Library of Congress. Our committee is dedicated to funneling new headings in the field of anthropology/sociology to the Library of Congress.
Finally, there are also subject headings established for racially mixed groups which include Indians. The subject headings are:

  • Indians of North America–Mixed descent;
  • Indians of Mexico–Mixed descent;
  • Indians of Central America–Mixed descent;
  • Indians of South America–Mixed descent.
  • These also all subdivide geographically after the subdivision. So, in order to find books on racially mixed people that are part Indian in Florida, you would search “Indians of North America–Mixed descent–Florida.”
  • NOTE: Indians of the West Indies–Mixed descent is not yet established, again probably because LC has not received a book yet on this topic, but it could also be established through our subject proposal form.

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