Historical Reviews

The following reviews appeared in ANSS Currents over 5 years ago.

AgeLine (aka AARP AgeLine) (reviewed 2003)

Alexander Street Press: Ethnographic Video OnlineReviewed Fall 2010

Alt-Press Watch – Reviewed Spring 2007

America: History and Life on the Web (reviewed 1999)

Annual Reviews – Reviewed Fall 2009

Anthropological Literature on Disc (reviewed 1995)

Anthropology in Biological Abstracts (reviewed 2003)

AnthroSource – Reviewed Spring 2008

Art and Archaeology Technical Abstracts (reviewed 1990)

ASSIA: Applied Social Sciences Index & Abstracts (reviewed 2002)

Chicano Database (reviewed 2003)

Criminal Justice Abstracts (reviewed 2000)

Criminology and Penology Abstracts (reviewed 1990)

Cultural Anthropology and Sociology in PAIS International and PAIS Archive – Fall 2005

Ecology Abstracts (reviewed 2001)

eHRAF Collection of Ethnography – Reviewed Fall 2007

Ethnic NewsWatch (reviewed 1994)

Ethnic NewsWatch (Online): News, Culture and History –  Reviewed Spring 2006

Ethnographic Video for Instruction and Analysis (EVIA) Digital Archive – Reviewed Spring 2013

GenderWatch –  Reviewed Fall 2006

IBSS Extra Compact Disc (reviewed 1998)

ICPSR Web Site (reviewed 1997)

International Bibliography of Social and Cultural Anthropology (reviewed 1995)

iPOLL Databank –  Reviewed Spring 2009

Latin American Studies Volumes I and II (reviewed 1996)

Latin American Resources: Overview of Databases used in Latin American Research – Reviewed Fall 2013

Linguistics and Language Behavior Abstracts (NISC DISC) (reviewed 1997)

National Archaeological Database (NADB) (reviewed 1997)

Native American Resources: Bibliography of Native North Americans and Native American Archives – Reviewed Fall 2012

Medline (reviewed 1996)

PAIS International on CD-ROM (reviewed 1994)

Sage Journals Online – Reviewed Fall 2008

SAGE Research Methods – Reviewed Spring 2013

ScienceDirect for Sociology and Anthropology Research – Reviewed Fall 2013

Social Theory Reviewed Spring 2012

Sociological Abstracts (reviewed June 2000)

Sociological Abstracts Becomes a CSA/ProQuest Database – Reviewed Fall 2011

The Place of Anthropology Plus in the Age of Google Scholar – Reviewed Spring 2011

The Place of Anthropology Plus in the Age of Google Scholar – Reviewed Spring 2010

Web of Science (reviewed 2004)

Zoological Record (reviewed 2001)

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