Guide to Editing ANSS Currents

Purpose and Background

ANSS Currents communicates information on the activities of the section to keep section members and other stakeholders apprised of efforts on their behalf.

ANSS Currents began publication in May 1986 and is published twice a year (Fall and Spring, typically late October/early November and late April/early May).  Two issues have been double issues: v. 2(2)-v. 3(1) and v. 7(2)-v. 8(1).

Editor(s) serves as an ex-officio member of the Publications Committee.

Past editor(s) of Currents include: Steve MacLeod and Janet Steins v. 1(1)-v. 3(1); Maija Lutz and James Williams v. 3(2)-v. 7(1); James Williams and Fred Hay v. 7(2)-v. 9(2); Fred Hay and Joyce Ogburn v. 10(1)-v. 10(2); Joyce Ogburn and Ellen Gilbert v. 11(1); Ellen Gilbert and Isabel Quintana v. 11(2)-v. 12(2); Isabel Quintana and Mary Nofsinger v. 13(1)-v. 17(1); Mary Nofsinger and Shawn Nicolson v. 17(2)-v. 18(2); Shawn Nicolson v. 19(1); Shawn Nicolson and Thomas Mann v. 19(2)-v. 21(1); Shawn Nicolson, Stephen Fowlkes, and Susan Metcalf v. 21(2); Stephen Fowlkes and Susan Metcalf v. 22(1); Susan Metcalf v. 22(2); Susan Metcalf and Jenny Bowers v. 23(1); Jenny Bowers v. 23(2)-v. 24(1); Jenny Bowers and Lesley Brown v. 24(2)- v. 27(2); Hailey Mooney and Kathleen Pickens-French v. 27 (2)-.

Production and Distribution

  • ANSS is responsible for producing the copy, design, and layout
  • ANSS distributes the newsletter via ANSSWeb and ANSS-L; stakeholders are also emailed links to the newsletter

Minimum Contents

Every Issue

  • Message from the Chair
  • Reports from standing committee meetings, subcommittees, task forces
  • List name of chair(s) as reporter
  • Reports from discussion groups
  • List name of convener(s) as reporter
  • Reviews from Bibliography Committee
  • List reviewer, affiliation, and date reviewed
  • Member profile
  • AAA and ASA Liaison reports
  • Membership news and notes (new jobs, publications, etc)
  • Articles or other news of interest to the members when available
  • ANSS publications (when applicable)
  • Preliminary meeting schedule
  • Listserv address
  • ANSSWeb address


  • Candidate statements—Nominating Committee should send to the editor(s)
  • Report on Annual program
  • Call for volunteers


  • Notice of the Annual program


  • Edit long reports, send suggested revisions to author or rewrite, if necessary
  • Correct spelling, grammar, syntax, and style, if necessary. When in doubt, consult the style sheet or with the author and/or Publications Committee
  • List institutions/affiliations of people mentioned in the text of reports
  • Copy should be sent to the editor(s) at least two weeks prior to publication date; send out reminder and general call for material (news, etc) on ANSS-L approximately four weeks before the submission deadline. Contact committee chairs, discussion group conveners, and other contributors individually if they haven’t sent their reports/material by the submission deadline.

Post production/publication

  • PDF version is created and posted on ANSSWeb
  • Announce the availability of newsletter on ANSS-L and provide a link to the Currents Web page and a direct link to the PDF

(updated July 2010)

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