ANSS Currents -Vol. 26, No. 2 Fall 2011

Vol. 26, No. 2  (Full Text PDF)


Message from the Chair…p.1
by Terry Epperson

Candidate Statements…p.2

2011 Annual Program Summary…p.2

Committee Reports…p.3

Discussion Group Reports…p. 5

Liaison Report…p.7


Janet L. Steins…p.8
Interviewed by Helen Clements

Chris Smith…p.10
Interviewed by Beth Sheehan

Member News…p.11

Preliminary Meeting Schedule…p.11


“Not just another library conference:” A profile of the first annual social Sciences Librarian boot Camp…p.12
by Beth Sheehan

Results from the Anthropology and Sociology Membership Survey…p.12
by Jennifer Darragh


Sociological Abstracts Becomes a CSA/ProQuest Database…p.15
by Helen Clements
Associate Professor, Oklahoma State University

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