2013 ALA Annual Program

Studying ourselves: Libraries and the user experienceWikimedia: Giuseppe Arcimboldo, 'The Librarian'
2013 ANSS Program

The ANSS Conference Planning Committee, in collaboration with the University Library Section, would like to thank everyone who attended the program,  Studying ourselves: Libraries and the user experience.
For highlights of the engaging discussions that took place, see the #ANSS13 Tweets
and the ANSS Program Handout, Chicago 2013


Dr. Andrew Abbott, Gustavus F. and Anne M. Swift Distinguished Service Professor. Department of Sociology, University of Chicago.

Dr. Andrew Asher, Assessment Librarian. Libraries, Indiana University.

Ms. Diane Wahl, User Experience Librarian.
Libraries, University of North Texas.

Why Attend?

  • To gain an understanding of the critical role librarians play in the library
  • To enhance and strengthen your knowledge of the libraries as a social environment To gain skills on how to assess their own library environments and how to measure the needs of students and faculty  using sociological and anthropological methods.
  • To better understand how to assess the relationship between library patrons, library tools (i.e.; website) and library staff in order to evaluate user experience and services

ANSS Program Chicago 2013

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